Script Consult


Thinking About A Script Consult?

If you’re looking for a professional analysis of your screenplay, we can help.

Our team is comprised of individuals with years of varying industry experience from major studios, production companies, agents, managers, and contests. These are the industry gatekeepers, so you’ve got to wow them with your writing to make your way to the big decision makers.

We offer script analysis for both feature film scripts ($89 USD) and television scripts ($74 USD). We also offer proofreading ($69 USD), that comes without any analysis.


Our readers are your go-to people for some seriously detailed notes. They’ll break down what’s great, and what needs work in your screenplay. Plus, they’ll toss around ideas on how to fix any major issues. Script are evaluated based on six important points: concept, characters, structure, marketability, tone, and craft.

Once you’ve place your order, we will email you with next steps, and you will choose one reader who you think is right for your project.


Our Team of Consultants

Phil S. – Phil is a filmmaker, author, and 360 creative coach. He was the former Chief Operating Officer at AfterBuzz TV, a digital broadcasting network with about 5 million subscribers. He is the author of two books. He’s directed and produced two independent features- both with successful festival runs, winning numerous honors such as the Audience Award and Best Feature. And currently, Phil is working on a filmmaking how-to book, his second novel and an animated trilogy of movies.

Gunnar R. – Gunnar has been writing coverage and script notes for some of the biggest production houses, producers, and optioned writers in the industry. Some of his clients include Script Fix, Stage 32, Legio Vox Studios, Crazy Maple Studio, Inc.,Pocket Gems, TMI Hollywood. Gunnar is available for logline polishes, development notes, pitch packages, proofreading, dialogue polishes, and rewrites.

Angel C. – Angel has a Bachelor of Film and Screen Media Production, Post Graduate Certificate in Screen Drama; Directing and Screenwriting and Post Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education amongst other qualifications. She has also studied Applied Theater, Technical Production and Psychology. Some of the major projects and production companies on her resume include Front Street Pictures, Reel One Entertainment, Bad Angel Productions, The Good Doctor, and Netflix’s To All The Boys: P.S. I Still Love You.

Karlos W. – As a script reader, I am going to make sure that your work looks professional when you are planning to submit to agents, production companies, or screenwriting competitions. As a script editor, I am also going to give you feedback, as objectively as possible, not about what I like or don’t like in your story, but what works and what doesn’t, so that you, the writer, have something tangible to work with. PS. I also work with scripts in Spanish.

Sam T. – Sam currently works in Hollywood as showrunner’s assistant at FX Networks. He has worked with all the major studios such as Warner Bros., Netflix, Amazon Studios, Entertainment Tonight, and NBCUniversal to name a few. Sam is particularly drawn to dramas, dramedies and thrillers that challenges a viewer to confront their own perspective and emotional baggage.



Improving Your Writing Through Feedback

Let’s talk about improving your writing through feedback – it’s a must. But do you really need to pay for a script consultant?

Here’s the deal: if you already have friends in the industry, they are your first stop. If your connections in the industry are more on the slim side, or you’d like to get a fresh set of eyes on your work, that’s when you might want to seriously think about paying a real professional for their take on your screenplay.

Whether you choose our script consultant service or another option, make sure you research the background/credits of the actual person who’s going to read your screenplay.